Rote Wand: up close and personal

Sunrise in Klostertal


7am sunrise on the way to Mutjöchle. The Rote Wand is the highest mountain in the distance.

The first lady of milk production


3 milk cows have to endure flowers on their faces in the final stages of the Alpabtrieb: the strongest, the prettiest and the one that produced the most quality milk

Alpabtrieb in action


Heading down into the valley after a summer in the mountains

Snow, sleet and rain


The cows aren’t so fond of this late August weather either…

Freer than Babe the pig!

Untere Wasserstubenalpe


The lower Alpe, formerly also for making cheese in the early and late summer season, but now for other milking related purposes

Lower in Wasserstubental

Where in the world is Alpe Wasserstube?

Stormy weather’s a comin’


Summer storm on its’ way